...A person who visited Hungary at least once will never forgive the taste of goulash, tiny dumplings or cabbage. The latter one is very much like our fried cabbage but thanks to certain spices it is sometimes much sweeter and on other occasions more sour and hotter. Hungarian goulash, lecho or bogracz are standards in our station bars but there are only a few restaurants which serve other dishes of the Hungarian cuisine. ZaklÍty Czardasz is about to fill this gap in Katowice ... http://cjg.gazeta.pl/cjg_katowice/1,91149,2604501.html

... Quite a pleasant place with really good cuisine. To my mind they offer pizza unnecessarily because cuisine of their authorship can fend for itself without much effort. However, as for a Hungarian restaurant, the choice of wines is too austere. They make it up with excellent goulash and pretty good Budapest tornedo. What is important is the fact that it is really inexpensive... http://www.nawidelcu.pl/Catalogue/exeConcrete/?id=901&from=cities